Raindrop Technique Training

Date: Saturday 13th June 2015

Location: Balance Arts Center –  34 West 28th st, 3rd Floor New York, NY
(Between Broadway and 6th Ave)

Time: 8:30am – 6:00pm (Please arrive by 8:15 am )
Cost: $300 (Plus $25 for oils unless you have your own Raindrop Kit)
Certification: The class is certified through the Lightwing Centre. http://www.lightwingcenter.org/index.php.
You need to complete 6 sessions after the training and then scan and email them in to receive your official certificate.

Bookings: http://raindropjune2015.eventbrite.com
Payment: Credit card, cash or Cheque

Class numbers are limited numbers max of 16 students per course

Upon payment you will receive a receipt that enables you to claim it as a donation to my Ministry.

Essential oils:  You need to bring your own oils you can buy the Raindrop Kit from Young Living for $125.00 wholesale. If you don’t have your own oils you can use mine for an extra charge of $25.00 (I highly recommend you buy your own oils so you can go and practice your new skill set immediately!)

You can learn this technique to perform it for your self to perform on friends and family or professionally.

To work professionally New York is a licence to touch state. If you don’t already have a licence to touch (eg: massage therapy), then in order legally work on people in New York state you have to have a licence.

The Lightwing Center offers ordination classes for people to become minister practitioners and perform raindrop as a directive of the ministry. (They are a non-denominational church.)

For those interested I will arrange a separate ministry training through the LightWing Center (I don’t teach it)

See here for class description of the ordination class.  http://www.lightwingcenter.org/c_minister_ordination.php 

During the Raindrop class we give and receive a raindrop technique. So the morning is theory and the afternoon is practical so don’t worry if you have never recieved a technique before you attend the training.
But it is the most amazing technique and really needs to be experienced to fully comprehend how much of an impact it will make on you and the people you can share it with! Its so worth it!! 🙂


Some info about Raindrop

What is Raindrop technique like?

Allow yourself to be taken on a journey of relaxation and bring you back to your center. Your session begins with an energy balance, your feet are then pampered with Vitaflex, ancientTibetan reflexology. You roll over, and purifying raindrops of therapeutic grade essential oils fall through your aura cleansing your spiritual body before they splash upon your back. Using spine tingling American Indian techniques the oils are then feathered in. Your muscles relax as they are anointed with these aromatic oils chosen specifically to stimulate your immune system, cleanse toxins, reduce pain and bring harmony and balance to your body, mind, emotions and spirit

What is the value of Raindrop Technique ®?

When Genes are expressed it is because something has triggered the expression.

What triggers it? Every cell has receptor sites that look to be “satisfied” by something. Once satisfied it stops looking. If it is satisfied by a petrochemical it blocks many natural healthy processes from occurring to the cell and it can cause aberrant cell activity. This process is the beginning of many troubles including inflammation, genetic triggering and DNA replicating factor impairment.

Phenols are compounds occurring in the “hot” essential oils. When they are at therapeutic levels in eo’s (oregano, thyme, cinnamon…many others) they are specifically capable of cleaning the receptor sites and disengaging the toxins off of the receptor sites. Then the eo’s continue their work by satisfying the receptor site. This is how the genetic triggers can be turned off. It is remethylzation of the receptor site.

The EO’s don’t have to enter the cell through ion channels. They can penetrate right through the phosphyl lipid membrane which is the cell wall. That means even if you have something locked up because of the blocked receptor sites and improper internal ph as a result, the eo’s can still penetrate and effectively assist the cell to return to normal functions. This is one major reason Raindrop Technique ® is so successful.