NAT/SST Certification

Up coming courses: 

Date: Wednesday 17th September 2014 10:00am-2:00pm
Cost: $95 (Plus $10 for essential oils)
Location: 510 East 85th St, New York, NY

Date: Friday 10th October 2014
Cost: $105 (Plus $10 for essential oils)
Location: Balance Arts Center  – 34 West 28th st, 3rd Floor, New York, NY (between Broadway and 6th Ave)

Neuro-Auricular Technique. (NAT)

This powerful technique was created and taught by D. Gary Young.  NAT connects all the synapses of the brain and upper spinal cord, thus creating an environment that facilitates optimal health and healing.

NAT may have a positive response for clinical depression, panic disorder, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, sleep disorders and inflammation. NAT may interrupt most stress induced fear circuitry disorders, especially important for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). NAT dramatically reduces the stress response and in turn the inflammatory process, thought to be the root of every disease.

The Neuro Auricular Technique (NAT)

  • Easy to learn and easy to perform on yourself, friends and family.Rutavala Roll on
  • A deeper level of stress reduction.
  • Understand Purpose and Benefits of NAT
  • Define General Physiology of Cervical Nerves
  • Give and Receive Healing Session for Stress Reduction
  • Identify Oil Choices and their Affects
  • Consent Forms for your practice

Skull Sutures Technique (SST)

The purpose of applying YLEO’s in a roll on gently over cranial suture lines is to give a direct route to various parts of the brain.

The skull is made up of interlocking parts called the sutures, they are a type of fibrous joint. This only occurs in the skull (or “cranium”). A tiny amount of movement is permitted at sutures. This contributes to the compliance and elasticity of the skull.
By using roll on’s of YLEO’s over various suture lines of the skull we may benefit it a variety of ways.

 Combining this SST with NAT creates a beautiful blending for true stress reduction.

NAT/SST Course Info:

  • 4 hour course
  • You will be given a handbook and consent forms.
  • For NAT you will need to expose the shoulders and upper back (scapula region).
  • Wear a top or take one that can be put on backwards (a button down shirt).
  • Expect to get essential oils in your hair.

Certification: LightWing Center offers certification for the NAT/SST training.  It is given after completing 6 NAT/SST and sending in copies of the consent forms with comments (scan them in and email or mail) to:
Annual renewal for your certification is 6 consent forms (copies) sent in with a check for $40 for renewal.
(Payment by paypal is $42, same as credit card).