Essential Oils Basic Introduction


Essential Oils 101 – Balancing Health and Wellness Naturally

Essential oils were one of mans first medicines used for everything from gout to a broken head.
As the years passed they were over looked by western medicine and people are only now beginning to rediscover their power and amazing ability to support the body and bring it into homeostasis.

This class is a basic introduction and we will be covering:

  • The therapeutic grade essential oils vs other essential oils,
  • The power of variational frequency,
  • Uses in your daily life,
  • Essential oils safety, and
  • Very simple and effective techniques for yourself and your family.

Catherine is an inspiring presenter who will take you on a journey of discovery and connection into the world to therapeutic grade essential oils. She will teach you how they can be used in your every day life for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

This workshop is a sensory extravaganza. No experience is necessary, just bring an open mind, pen and paper and be prepared to leave feeling empowered and smelling amazing!

Bio: Catherine Garro is a Clinical Aromatherapist and international educator. She has been working in the wellness industry for over 12 years. She will be using Young Living Essential Oils through the workshop. You will have the opportunity to purchase some of these oils for yourself at the end of the session.

Workshop Duration: 2 hours