Dr Mom – Essential oils for 1st Aid

Urgent Care for Everyday Ailments with Essential Oils

Accidents and illness are an inevitable part of life4156934894_8a7197ee4d_o.

Whether responding to an upper respiratory infection, caring for a skinned knee or providing relief for sore, achy muscles; essential oils are powerful, safe and an effective element of your personal first-aid kit.

This class teaches you to care for your families first aid and minor illness needs at home which will save you time, money and avoid the risks of harmful drugs.

We cover using oils with infants and children as well as adults and include extensive safety data.

About the teacher:

Catherine Garro, a mom and a Clinical Aromatherapist has traveled the world studying essential oils. She has been using them in her practice for over 10 years and is an enthusiastic teacher who is inspired to educate you on simple was to empower your own health and that of your family and friends through the use of essential oils on a day to day basis.

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