Hinoki Oil – Clear energy channels

Hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtusa) Essential oil comes from Japan and is known as “The Tree Where God Stayed”. The tree is used in the building of temples as the wood is resistant to bugs. Because of this,… Continue reading

Expand your Breath with Raven Essential Oil Blend

I use Young Living’s  Raven essential oil blend  to really expand my breath and support healthy lungs. I find it especially useful when I have a cold or chest infection. I like to combine… Continue reading

Rosewood Essential Oil

Many of you will remember the days when Rosewood Essential oil was a staple in the Young Living range. It was pulled out of the range due to a world shortage of Rosewood… Continue reading

Ground your energy

If your feeling ungrounded, spaced out or your Vata is out of control then Young Living’s Grounding blend is an excellent oil for you to apply to help anchor and stabilise yourself. Grounding essential oil… Continue reading

Juniper to Support Vagus Nerve

The Vagus Nerve, also known as The Wonderer, is a very important nerve in the body. It actually impacts the digestive organs, lungs, heart, eyes, ears, nose and endocrine system. It can be accessed… Continue reading

Young Living lipgloss

Young Living has finally entered the beauty products world with 3 lip glosses. The coolest thing about these is that they have an essential oil on the other end of it with a handy… Continue reading

Essential oils to support adrenals

Essential oils are a really effective and easy way to support your adrenals. I like to give my adrenals a boost when I’ve been very stressed (especially long term stress), or super busy. This recipe… Continue reading

The True Story of Lavender and Einkorn

I received this email recently from my Young Living team leader Artemis, and I was so excited to read the information I had to share it with you all.  This has been reprinted from Artemis’… Continue reading

Raindrop Technique – a practitioners perspective

I have been performing Raindrop for almost 11 years now and have found it to be the most profound experience for my self as a receiver and as well for my clients. For… Continue reading

How Concentrated are Essential Oils?

Here are some great fact about the concentration of Young Living’s essential oils. Lemon – 1 x 15 ml bottle of lemon oil take 75 lemons. There are 300 drops in a 15… Continue reading