Struggling with self doubt, self loathing, or frustration?

Do you want to feel alive, vibrant and sensual? Below is a great tip for you to incorporate into your daily oiling practice, but if want to know whats really going on with… Continue reading

Create some Yummy treats for Valentine’s day

Make your own special Valentine’s chocolates, with some yummy essential oils. Young Living now has a Vitality essential oil range, these oils are labeled as a dietary supplement. What you need: • 100-250 gm… Continue reading

Flourishing in Mercury Retrograde

This is the time you need to pull your energies home and focus on you. Retrograde is when we become more conscious of the energies of our shadow self and the shadow self is often… Continue reading

Family Stressing you? Oils to help keep you sane.

Your family knows how to press your buttons like very few others and keeping yourself sane when you have to spend extended periods of time with them can be challenging. Carrying a few… Continue reading

Cold Hands and Feet? 5 Tips to keep you warm

The cold weather has settled in in the northern hemisphere and staying warm is becoming a high priority. If you feel like your hands and feet can never be warm then here are a… Continue reading

The passing of a loved one.

I recently had a friend experience a freak accident, suffer sever head trauma, and after a week of being in a coma passed away. I was fortunate enough to be invited in by the… Continue reading

Be your own Valentine

Valentines Day is bombarding us. We have it in emails, advertising, TV and conversations. There are flowers, chocolates, and red hearts everywhere!!! It can bring up a lot of different emotions. For some they have… Continue reading

Clearing anger and frustration

If you are dealing with pent up frustration and anger then a great essential oil to turn to is Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata) Ylang Ylang is well known for its ability to balance masculine… Continue reading

Idaho Blue Spruce – Energy Smoothing

Taking time out of my day to stop and breathe I find makes such a difference. It clears my mind, relaxes my body and helps to keep me focused on my tasks without getting… Continue reading

Jade Lemon… Yum!!!

The Essential oil I’m having my latest love affair with is Jade lemon (Citrus limon L. var. Eureka) This oil is sooo delicious. Its a cross between a “Eureka Lemon” and Taiwan “Aromatic Mountain Lemon”. It smells… Continue reading