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Hi, I’m Catherine B Garro.
I’m an Intuitive Self Care Aromatherapist

My work is a combination of my powerful intuitive connection, knowledge of essential oils and personal development.
I can help you to see your own worth and reconnect  you to who you really are.

I offer private sessions or group mentoring. Contact me for an 30 min intuitive connection call and see if we are a good fit to work together.

Sessions available over phone or Skype or in person in Manhattan NY.

Email: hello@catherinegarro.com
Call or text +1 646 251 2610

My blog is about sharing my experience and knowledge to help people to transform their lives. I’m inspired to educate others to give themselves and their families freedom of health and harmony of the heart and mind.

There are many different tools available to bring your body, mind, and spirit into harmony and homeostasis, my favourite tools is essential oils.

I have been using Young Living Essential Oils in my clinic for over 16 years and I am continually amazed by their effectiveness. They’ve proven themselves over and over again. They are safe (when used correctly) and extremely fast acting.  I use oils on a daily basis, they are in my skin care, hair care and personal products, I regularly diffuse and I apply them directly on my skin (with no carrier oil), and with dilution, apply them on my son.
I use them for fist aid, immune support, stress release, muscle recovery, clarity of my mind, connection to my heart, meditation and keeping myself and my family in a state of health.

I believe that everyone should use the best product available and I’ve found that Young Living’s commitment to quality and purity surpasses any other essential oil company.

Because of this I am a distributor with them and can help you to order any products if you wish to start your own journey of wellness with essential oils.
To look at their product catalogue click here or go to http://www.youngliving.com.
To join and order product click here.
My Young Living member number is 685608.

Email: hello@catherinegarro.com
Call or text +1 646 251 2610