Are you stuck on a treadmill in your life?

fitness-957115_1280Are you tired of living your life the same way?

Ready to shift but not sure of what to do first?

Let’s start with the foundation.
A common thread I notice with my clients, when they first start working with me, is that they are not expecting enough of their life.

They’re stuck.
A part of it is comfort and stability.
Another part is that as life happens its common to let go of  dreams and start living a life of necessity and habit, rather than one full of inspired choice.
And after a while we don’t even think past our next vacation. (And for some not even that far!)

At the heart of it all is this: What you expect, you tend to attract.
If you expect your life to be boring and mundane, then you get boring and mundane.
If you expect your life to be lucky, then like magic all these “lucky” things happen for/to you.
If you expect that you will struggle to pay your bills, then you will continually struggle to pay your bills.
Does this ring any bells?

Some of our expectations for lives are not even our own, they are ones that we have adopted or inherited from others.
So its time to find our what really drives you. Dig deep and get to the heart of who you are.

If your tired of being on the treadmill of life then its time to expand your expectations.

My favourite question to ask people:

“If you had unlimited time and unlimited money, and everyone you love, who loves you, will support you no matter what. What would you do with/in your life?”

Take some time and write. Allow the ideas to flow. There is no right or wrong answers.
You can start small and build your way up, or start at the fantastical level. Just start and then keep on writing.

Would you travel?
Sit on a beach?
Buy or build your dream house?
Volunteer work?
If you created a business what would your dream business be?
Would you focus on family?
Do you want to give back/improve society… the world even?

Make a list there is no limits on this.
The list can be as long as you like, but it needs to be more than just one line.

Explore it. Let yourself go wild.

If for example your top of the list was ‘sit on the beach’. Go deeper. What would you do after you had enough of sitting on the beach?
Keep this list on your phone or near your bed and add to it every day.

When you start it can be hard. You’re out of the habit of dreaming about your life and it takes some time to get it going again so stick with it!!

Any of these essential oil companions will really help to shift and elevate your energy and open up the possibilities in your life so you can start to expect more.

Singe oils:
Frankincense or Sacred Frankincense
Blue Cypress

Young Living Blends:

Dream Catcher
Build your Dream
Live Your Passion
Into the Future

Apply 1-2 drops of your chosen oil the back of your neck, sola plexus (two finger widths above your belly button), or wrists.
Place 5-10 drops of chosen oil(s) in your diffuser daily.
When you’re anointing yourself with the oil then focus on allowing yourself to expand and welcome new ideas and thoughts and inspiration. Ask the universe for guidance on what your next steps are, and to shift yourself out of the rut you feel stuck in.

You can use more than one of these oils at a time. Pick from what you already  have at home, or the ones that you are most drawn to from the list. I tend use them every day till I run through the bottle and if I’m still struggling and don’t feel connected or balanced about the issue I start another bottle!


Take action now! Its important that you start to make changes now and do it on your terms, because if you don’t take action first, then the universe is likely to knock you over the head with something major.
It could be something like loosing your job, an injury or major illness.
Doing it on your terms will save you much stress and pain in the long run!

This exercise seems very simple and insignificant, but your life wont change unless you take some sort of action and this is a really fun way to start!

If you want to take this further and  are ready for the next level in your life I offer a one to one transformational mentoring program.
Send me an email and we can set up a free strategy session.

Keep yourself well oiled.

Catherine B Garro

Dream Catcher