Overwhelmed? In Need of Some R&R?

Introducing Lustral Spa.
Luxurious Pampering that Unwinds, Reconnects and Transforms.


I have to admit even though I’ve been creating this product on this for almost a year now I was blown away by how powerful an experience Lustral Spa is!! (I love it when you know something is amazing and then it goes and blows your expectations!!) If you want to learn more about my new product line, Lustral Spa, go to www.lustralspa.com

I have to share my testimonial with you. Yes its is for my own product 😉

I was have a really, really rough day, had tossed and turned the night before, was super stressed and add in PMS on top of that. I felt so disconnected. I couldn’t focus, felt depressed, defeated, was super emotional and my mind was hunting for chocolate! My normal routine of self care wasn’t helping and as the day progressed it got worse. Even oils didn’t shift it for me.

So finally.. I wish I had done this hours earlier.. I decided to take my own advice and use my own products.

I got my Lustral Spa Foundation Box out, turned on the guided meditation and within the first few minutes I could feel my anxiety start to unwind. As I went through each step I felt it clear away the mental baggage, then it uplifted my emotions.
By the time I started soaking in the bath I felt connected to myself, the chaos in my mind had quietened, and I was even starting to drift off!
After I finished and completed the last few steps of the spa I felt like a better version of the old me!

I can’t recommend this experience enough!
My body feels so nurtured and nourished (and by the way I didn’t touch that chocolate).
My mind is calm and I feel a sense of inner peace and quite (so corny, I know, but true nevertheless).
My emotions have balanced out and I feel like me, but more. Its like I have opened something up inside of me and raised my vibrational frequency.

The difference between nurturing yourself and having another nurture you is worlds apart.  When it comes from you it leaves you with a profound sense of self connection and self awareness that doesn’t wear off.

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