Transition, Change and Rebirth

Times of transition, change and rebirth are hard, emotional and can be scary.
Easter/Passover its one of the times in the year that we experience this sort of transition, although it certainly happens at other times of the year as well.
Its the time of letting go and needing to be, and stay, present in the uncomfortableness and vulnerability of who we are, just at this moment. When we hold that space we allow ourselves to move past the shame, guilt, fear and struggle for worthiness and transition into the place of creativity, joy, belonging and love.

Having a self care/self connection practice is so important while we go through this phase. It gives you a reliable base that brings you back to your center, and enables you to sit in the vulnerability and hold that space till it passes. I’ve found the overwhelming feelings of transition tend to come in waves. And riding out those waves leads you to the true outcome you desire. Often our knee jerk reaction is to numb ourselves (my favourite for numbing is chocolate) with food, alcohol etc… but that just delays the transition and makes it more painful in the end.

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One of the tools I use to get through transition in my life is Young Living’s Present time and Acceptance essential oil blends.
I rub present time on my thymus, located between the upper breast and the throat, just in front of the heart.
a drop of Acceptance oil on my wrists and over my heart.

I apply these oils and then personally I like to go and sit in meditation (5-10 mins).
I’ll also carry these oils around with me and reapply at different intervals during the day, especially if I’m really struggling.

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Keeping you well oiled,