Tired, Sore or Aching Muscles?


I’ve discovered the best muscle recovery system yet!

After 3 years of not skiing I hit the slopes and if it wasn’t for this experience I know I’d be hobbling around in pain!

Ideally an epsom salts bath with essential oils added would have been my go to, but I had to use what I had on hand and this is sooooo much better than the salt bath!!

What did I do?

I had the foresight to bring my Young Living Ortho Ease Massage oil (note: YL Ortho Sport would do a similar things).

  1. I coated my legs and back (pretty much anywhere I was feeling pain) with the Ortho Ease massage oil blend.
  2. Ran a hot bath
  3. Leaving the Ortho Ease on my skin I got into the bath.
  4. Stayed there for approx 20 mins and then patted my skin dry.
  5. Reapplied the Ortho Ease
    my legs and back again before going to bed.
  6. Wake up the next day.. only a little sore, Vs my husband who didn’t do this protocol and can barley walk today!!! Ortho Ease Bath Pic