Super Charge Your Brain

Spending a few minutes every day, in a consistent daily action, is one of the foundational keys to living a fulfilled life. Take time to nurture yourself with Super Brain Yoga, supercharged with essential oils and see what it does for you.

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I have recently been introduced to Throppukaranam or commonly known as Super Brain Yoga. Its great way to stimulate brain activity, clear the mind, some people have been using it to aid children struggling with ADD or ADHD with very positive outcomes.

So I was thinking.. What if we combined this with oils?
(Why wouldn’t I think that??? hehe )

My top oils for the brain:Cedarwood
Cedarwood, Hong Kuai, Vetiver, Spikenard or the Young Living blends Brain Power or Inspiration.

The reason I love these oils for the brain is that they are all high in sesquiterpenes. Sesquiterpenes help to oxygenate the brain and penetrate the blood brain barrier. So combining any of those oils with this exercise I think would just super charge it.

How to use your oils:

Rub a drop of your chosen oil at the base of your skull and or your temples.
Put a drop of your chosen oil on your thumb, rub both thumbs together to share the oil drop and then rub the thumb with your index fingers and rub your index finger and thumb together.
Rub the oiled fingers on your ear lobes (right hand to left lobe and eft hand to right lobe)
The right ear lobe corresponds to the left brain.
The left ear lobe corresponds to the right brain.
Then you hold your ears and do the below exercise.
**Note: Make sure your left arm is on the inside, right is on top.

How to do Throppukaranam/ Super Brain Yoga:
Face East
Put the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth
Hold your ear lobes (as above)
Keep your back straight through the exercise.
Inhale as your going down into a squat
Pause at the bottom for a a few seconds
Exhale as you come up
Repeat 14 times minimum daily.

For more info on Super Brain Yoga

Note: this is something I’ve only just begin to add to my daily practice, so I can’t give you a solid report on how effective it is, but if you google it there is some interesting info about it!

Let me know if you do decide to add it into your daily practice and how it goes for you!

Catherine B Garro – Intuitive Self Care Specialist