Struggling with self doubt, self loathing, or frustration?

Do you want to feel alive, vibrant and sensual?

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Jasmine (sq)

 essential oil is great for releasing stories, identities and fears, and connecting to the inner powerful feminine self.
Jasmine has a rich aroma that comes with a deep vibration that enlivens the core.  The core, once it awoken hums inside you and the outcome is the false identity you placed on yourself starts to flake off like old paint. 


Valor 3
Valor essential oil blend supports the nervous system and brings you to a centered space, a space where you can accept the vibrational shift of the Jasmine at a deep cellular level.
It feels nurturing and relaxing. Valor creates a clear open space with fertile soil, where you can plant new seeds and let yourself self grow.

Together these unwind the stories you’ve been telling yourself and living on repeat over the years.

Yes I Want to Feel Awesome……
How do I use these oils?

2 parts Jasmine to 1 part Valor (so 2 drops of Jasmine to 1 drop of Valor)
Drop 2 drops of Jasmine and 1 drop of Valor them into your palm blend together in 3 x circular clockwise circles and then anoint your throat, heart, temples, back of neck and wrists.

Keeping You Well Oiled and Nurtured
– Nurturing the Soul with the spirit of the earth.
(Hint that’s what help makes these bottles of essential oils so special)