Family Stressing you? Oils to help keep you sane.

Apple stressYour family knows how to press your buttons like very few others and keeping yourself sane when you have to spend extended periods of time with them can be challenging.

Carrying a few oil bottles with you, to apply through the day, can really help to keep you connected to your own identity and help to “diffuse” difficult situations.

Here are some of my sanity saving favourites!

  • Seal your energy field at the start of your day. Using Frankincense or White Angelica Young Living Blend brushed through your energy field (aura) to hold your energy so you don’t feel “drained” at the end of the day. See my White Angelica post for a further info (Including a video demonstration).
  • Any citrus – lemon, orange, lime, tangerine, bergamot, grapefruit, jade lemon essential oils choose your favourite (or what you have on hand) 1-2 drops on your feet, your wrists or back of neck to help to uplift your mood and lighten your spirit. The sharp sharp scent helps to cut through emotional buildup and purify and cleanse the environment.
  • Clarity Essential oil blend – apply to the temples, and back of neck. Brings clarity to insane situations.
  • Hope Essential oil bend –  Rub a drop on the earlobes and then cup over the face and take deep inhalations. Lifts the spirits and infuses optimism.
  • Release essential oil blend, rubbed on the liver and over the heart to release the energy build up and help you keep you cool.
  • Grounding essential oil blend, pine, cypress or cedarwood, – Apply a drop of your preferred oil to the soles of the feet, the lumber spine and or back of the neck.
  • Peace and Calming, lavender, Valor, Stress Away or Joy essential oil blend – apply a drop to the wrists, over the heart, back of the neck to uplift and sooth.

General application methods:

  • Any of these oils are great to add 8-10 drops in a diffuser, or
  • Put a drop (of chosen oil) in your hand and rub hands together cup over face and take 10 deep inhalations.
  • Reapply chosen oil(s) as needed

Keeping you well oiled