Cold Hands and Feet? 5 Tips to keep you warm

Thandprint-in-snow-1068714_1920he cold weather has settled in in the northern hemisphere and staying warm is becoming a high priority.

If you feel like your hands and feet can never be warm then here are a few tips for you.

  • Cypress essential oil 1-2 drops rubbed on your feet daily can help to support the circulation and keep the blood flowing to the extremities.  
  • Black Pepper essential oil, rub a drop into the soles of the feet. Its nice and creates a warming sensation in the blood. 
  • Vetiver essential oil rubbed on the feet or over the carotid artery can support the circularity system and your immune system.
  • Make your own warming blend combining Vetiver, Cypress and Black Pepper (have fun and make it to your own preference, just be aware vetiver can be an overpowering fragrance to the other oils in the blend)
  • Avoid Peppermint Essential Oil, it had a cooling effect and can feel like the temperature has dropped a few degrees. (This is great for summer though!)

Keeping you well oiled!