Clearing anger and frustration

If you are dealing with pent up frustration and anger then a great essential oil to turn to is Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is well known for its ability to balance masculine and feminine energies in the body, but it is also an excellent tool for supporting you to release built up or blocked emotions.

The main organ I focus on is the liver. The liver is the organ that holds a lot of emotional residue, particularly anger. This is because it is a filtration organ. Every time you have an emotional reaction your body releases hormones and endorphins. The liver is a part of how your body cleanses them from the body.  The draw back of this is that there is always a tiny residue left in the liver, and over years of emotional reactions, the residue builds up (I like to think if it like sediment in a river). Every time you have a reaction your body releases fresh hormones and endorphins, as well as the ones stored in the liver and so what would have been a small reaction, gets blown out of proportion and you are just caught tumbling in the wave, waiting to come up for air.

How to use Ylang Ylang to clear the emotional residue:

  • Put 1-3 drops in the palm of your hand
  • Rub hand together 3 x clockwise
  • Hold one over the liver and the other, cup over the face
  • On the inhale breath, take the fragrance and energy of oil down the center of the body to the liver.
  • On the exhale, imagine that there is a door in the liver and it opens and release the energy that is stuck inside.
  • Repeat 10-20 deep inhalations.

To really makes changes, this is a great practice to get into on a regular basis. If I’m working through a particular issue then I tend to do this on a daily basis till I run through the bottle, or when after a few weeks, I “forget” to do it. It tends to suggest that I’ve shifted the energy.

If you don’t want to use the drop on your hand you can put a roller ball on the top of the bottle and then you can just roll it over the liver on a daily basis. (If you are unsure how to put a rollerball on then see my previous post click here)

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