Idaho Blue Spruce – Energy Smoothing

Idaho blue Spruce bottleTaking time out of my day to stop and breathe I find makes such a difference. It clears my mind, relaxes my body and helps to keep me focused on my tasks without getting lost in distractions.

An essential oil I love to use when I do this is Idaho Blue SprucePicea pungens. Its superb at smoothing frazzled/chaotic energy, especially when a drop is placed on the crown chakra and then brushed through the energy field.

A Breathing Space Exercise:

  • 1 drop of Idaho Blue Spruce in the palm of my hands
  • Rub my hands together 3 x clockwise.
  • Then I cup them over my nose and mouth and take a deep inhalation.
    • I like to hold my breath and feel the energy expanding and creating space inside my body.
  • Lower my hands in a prayer position over the heart as I exhale.
  • Cup my hand over my face and inhale
  • Repeat 10-20 times.

After this I feel very settled. My breath is deep and long and I feel present.

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Idaho Blue Spruce Distilled

Idaho Blue Spruce is actually pink when distilled!

To brush an oil through my energy field:

  1. I put a drop in my hands,
  2. Rub my hands together 3 times clock wise
  3. I hold my hands a about 3 in or 5-8 cm away from my body
  4. Sweep my hands over my body in a brushing motion working from the head to toe, covering all limbs, the front and back of my body.
  5. I then cup my hands over my face and take 6-10 deep inhalations.






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