Hinoki Oil – Clear energy channels

Hinoki Essential Oil
Hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtusa) Essential oil comes from Japan and is known as “The Tree Where God Stayed”.

The tree is used in the building of temples as the wood is resistant to bugs. Because of this, the oil has been linked to immortality.
Our body is the temple where we house our spirit, so I love using Hinoki oil to keep my temple clean and clear.

There are two things I primarily use Hinoki oil for.

1. Its cleansing and purifying properties
2. Its ability keep the energy clean and pure when doing hands on work.

First way I use Hinoki:

I find it to be a very powerful cleansing oil and I use it in my room spray.
(I use this room spray to clear the energies from my treatment room, well any space really, as well as myself.)

Catherine’s cleansing spray recipe:

8 oz (250ml) glass spray bottle

  • 30 drops of Hinoki essential oil
  • 20 drops Sage or Lemongrass essential oil
  • 40 drops of clear alcohol (this is to stop the nozzle of the spray from clogging up , if you don’t have any alcohol the spray will work fine without it)
  • Top the bottle with distilled or filtered water.

Make sure you shake the bottle well before each use.

The second way I use Hinoki

I use it to keep a keep a clear channel within myself.  Because I do a lot of hands on work with my clients its important that I keep the energy flow clear and uncluttered with my own issues.

Hinoki works on the upper half of the heart chakra.
So there are two ways I primarily apply it.

Cleansing aura: 

  1. Drop a drop in my hand,
  2. Rub my hands together  3 x clockwise.
  3. Brush the oil through my energy field so it creates a barrier and cleanses my own aura.
    (If you want a visual explanation see the below video).

Connecting into seat of power: (Especially great for prepping for hands on work)

  1. Drop a drop in my hands,
  2. Rub them together 3 x clock wise,
  3. Place one hand on the heart and one hand on the third chakra. (Found just above the belly button).
  4. Take a deep breath and imagine a line of energy running between the heart chakra and the 3rd chakra, creating a connection between the two points.
  5. Take a deep breath
  6. Hold the  breath and then pull energy up from the 3rd chakra into the heart
  7. Exhale and allow the energy to flow up out of the heart and down the hands.
  8. Visualise a continual flow of energy.

Why do I connect it to the 3rd chakra? This chakra is the seat of personal power.
So I’m connect my personal power to my heart, and then allowing it to flow out my hands.
This is a great tool for anyone who physically working with others.

Play with the Hinoki and and see what works best for you 🙂

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