Rosewood Essential Oil

Many of you will remember the days when Rosewood Essential oil was a staple in the Young Living range. It was pulled out of the range due to a world shortage of Rosewood about 3 years ago.
Its a fabulous essential oil for skin. I loved to add it to my chocolate date balls to give them a rose flavour, and its is also a fantastic oil for grounding you in your heart center.Rosewood Farm Peru

Rosewood essential oil is also is found in a lot of the Young Living blends, so I’m excited that even though we may not have the single on back quickly, we will be at least able to get the blends available to us all.

Young Living’s new 2,400-acre farm is in Iquitos, Peru. It its at the edge of the Amazon River and is in the heart of Peru’s largest virgin rainforest. This farm has been created to be a source of sustainability harvested Rosewood and is the focus of botanical research and reforestation of this beautiful endangered tree.

This is reprinted from Artemis’ Oils bulletin with permission. 

Precious Rosewood Oil

Artemis writes: Rosewood trees are now endangered, and as a result, the Government of Peru has put a ban on the logging and distillation of Rosewood, resulting in a worldwide shortage of true Rosewood oil. This is a great shame, because Rosewood is a wonderful oil to apply to the skin. It’s fragrance inspires romantic and happy thoughts.

One of Young Living’s newest farms is in Peru…..and one of the projects for this farm is the planting and cultivation of Rosewood trees. As a result of the relationships that Young Living has been building with the Peruvian Government, Young Living has now been granted a CITES permit from the Government. This permit will approve Young Living for the shipping and exporting of Rosewood essential oil. This means that Young Living will be the only company with a legal CITES permit from the Peruvian Government for the production of Rosewood oil.

It will take many years for the seedlings on Young Living’s farm to grow into mature trees… in the meantime, Young Living’s CITES license permits them to distil the dead tree stumps of previously logged Rosewood Trees. So Young Living is leasing properties outside the farm, and taking the tree stumps from these farms, to provide the plant matter for distillation. In time though, Young Living’s own crop of Rosewood trees will mature and be able to be harvested directly from the farm.

Gary has just distilled his first Rosewood under this license, and was thrilled to find that it has a whopping 7.9% yield – almost as high as Palo Santo, which is one of the highest yield plants that Young Living distils. That means that if 100 kg of wood from the Rosewood tree is distilled, you end up with 7.9 kg of oil. There are thousands of Rosewood stumps in Peru, which will keep Young Living supplied with Rosewood oil for many years, until the current seedlings reach maturity.
Two distillers have been shipped to Peru, and at the end of August 2014 the distillation of Rosewood oil began on our Peruvian farm.