Juniper to Support Vagus Nerve

Juniper 1The Vagus Nerve, also known as The Wonderer, is a very important nerve in the body. It actually impacts the digestive organs, lungs, heart, eyes, ears, nose and endocrine system. It can be accessed at the back of the neck just under the skull on either side of the vertebrae.

Its very easy to support the Vagus nerve with essential oils and a great oil for that support is Juniper essential oil (Juniperus Osteosperma and scopulorum).
Juniper is best know for is ability to support the kidneys. But it is also a very good oil for supporting nerve regeneration.

How to apply:

  1. 1-2 drops Juniper oil in the palm of your hand
  2. Dunk your fingers the the oil and get oil on the tips of all for fingers on each hand.
  3. The gently massage the oil into the Vagus nerve, found on either side of the vertebrae of the neck.  (See video for more visual queues.)

Because of its link to the digestive system, using Juniper essential oil before meals can help the body to send correct signals to the digestive organs and support the system to function correctly.

When I use Juniper on the vagus nerve I find that I need to apply it for a few days straight to see results, but I find I feel more alert, energised and have a general sense of the body communicating better.

Play with it and see how it feels for you. Everyone is unique so you need to listen to your body and how it feels when you use Essential oils.

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