Raindrop Technique – a practitioners perspective

3472306756_41474d6bde_oI have been performing Raindrop for almost 11 years now and have found it to be the most profound experience for my self as a receiver and as well for my clients. For me personally I’ve found that the oils used during raindrop can address physical, mental, or  emotional issues (and some times all of these things at once.)

So what determines what I get from the technique?

The biggest influence is the intention I set at the start of the technique.
I like to think of it this way: The oils have an intelligence of their own and they communicate with the body directing what they need on a physical level. But they also deal in the realm of vibrational frequency and this is where intention becomes very powerful.
It means you can help to direct your experience.
The clearer the intention, the more powerful the experience.  If you don’t set an intention that is clear, then you get a muddled response. eg: God (universe, spirit, higher power or what ever you like to call it) sits with a pen a paper and you say “I’d like some money.” So God gives you $1 and says “here is some money.”
Your request has been answered, just not in the way you truly desire. So get clear on what you are asking for, then you are more likely to receive it!

I use raindrop to clear emotional and mental blocks. Often issues that have been a constant thorn in my side shift when I receive the technique.
Its like peeling the onion layer back and seeing myself self clearer without the blinkers emotional experiences have created.

One of my favourite things about raindrop is that it helps the body to support the nervous system, and retrain the body to be relaxed again. We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by stress and stimulation. Our adrenals are exhausted and the body and can’t remember what it is like to be resting at “0” level. Raindrop really helps to restart the adrenals and calm the sympathetic nervous system. I’ve noticed with clients that a series of raindrops session really helps to reset the system, so even when exposed to the same daily stresses the body is able to rest at night again. (I recommend clients change habits about their lives as well, raindrop isn’t a miracle cure, but is much more effective when combined with a healthy diet and exercise (do I sound like a commercial now?!)

I also notice that Raindrop supports my immune system. Some times a day after my session I get a cold, but I find that it clears really fast and doesn’t act like a normal cold at all. This suggest to me that it has supported my immune system and is pushing the virus or bug up and out of my system. I’ve noticed that it also seems to stop the onset of a cold (that for me is often indicated by a sore throat). Some of the oils used like Oregano and Thyme are very anti bacterial, fungal and viral oils, so tis makes sense.

Its an intense experience and its important that you drink a lot of water both before and after the session. I’ve found the oils help to push toxins and acid out of the body and the elimination channels need to be moving and well hydrated. This helps to mitigate the detox side effects, headaches, feeling dizzy, and some times nausea.
I find in most cases (if enough water is drunk) then most people have a really good bowl movement after the session. This is because the stimulates the elimination channels.

Raindrop I’ve found reduces acid levels in the body (that is actually one of the first things the oils do when you apply them to the skin), so this is why I recommend having several sessions close together (ideally 1 week apart) so the oils can help to clear the acid levels and remind the body how to live in a space of relaxation rather than intense stress.

Raindrop pushes the boundaries of what people know about the usage of essential oils. The technique uses a large quantity of oils on the body (up to 140 drops in a session) in a controlled environment. Its important that the quality of the oils is the highest in the market (therapeutic grade) and they have been distilled correctly to ensure a balanced oils is produced.  Which is why I only perform this technique with Young Living Essential Oils. Their quality means that I will get the results I’m looking from from the oils every time. I have heard of people using other brands of oils with the technique and had either no results, or had some serious unheard of side effects and it leaves me wondering about the quality of the oils they used.
There are some contra indications when doing raindrop, and times when you need to modify the technique and thats why its important to work with a qualified practitioner.

There is some negative reviews about raindrop on the internet. Many were written several years ago and its important to note that the technique has grown and changed since then, eg: We no longer use a warm wet compress.
Their concerns focus on the large qty of undiluted oils used on the body during the technique. I have found that this is the most redeeming quality of technique, and why it is such a powerful modality. It really is like nothing you have ever experienced. That many oils (up to 140 drops) all at once really send a ‘kapow’ effect on the body. The  essential oils just clear off all the extra “baggage” we place on ourselves and reconnect us to who we are on the inside and bring that to the forefront.
Clients leave feeling centered, refreshed, sometimes sleepy, but generally clearer of mind with an open heart.
In all my years of practicing I’ve found this modality to work on people from all walks of life, and all age brackets , children to the very elderly.

If you haven’t experienced it then get one today!!! Until you have, all these works mean nothing and pale in comparison to your own personal experience.

If you would like to learn to perform raindrop professionally or just for friends and family. You can click here learn raindrop for up coming classes or email me hello@catherinegarro.com to arrange a class (min of 6 students needed).