Spikenard – Release fear, anxiety and instill peace

SpikenardSpikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi) essential oil has a long history of use and was known a ‘nard’ in ancient texts. It is a part of the valerian family and can be a very relaxing essential oil. It helps to clear deep seated anxiety, releasing fears and instilling a sense of peace.
When dealing with issues, especially ones buried deep, Spikenard can really help to transform that issue. I find it moves me from protection mode into creation mode. When I’m invested in the outcome and I’m “trying” to control everything, I’m protecting myself from possibilities, and unfortunately the possibilities I’m protecting myself from, also often contain the solution. I need to let go because the real solution often comes in a package that I don’t expect and couldn’t imagine. When I step aside, I then move into a creation space where a different version of me (my higher self perhaps) flows through me and its not bound my all the fears and the past experiences I shape my life by.

Regularly using Spikenard starts to peel back the layers of self I’ve hidden and reveals to me my true self and awareness at a higher, clearer level. It allows me to surrender and is very effective at dissolving the emotions and issues I’m feeling like are controlling my life and limiting my influence and creation.

How I use Spikenard: (watch the video for further clarification)

  1. Put a drop on my third eye, crown chakra and heart.
  2. Tap the third eye a few times to bring my awareness to this spot
  3. Tap the crown chakra a few times to bring my awareness to this point
  4. Tap the heart a few times to bring my awareness to this point
  5. I then envision a line of energy running/cycling between the three points.
  6. Take deep inhalation and bring to mind the fear/issue that I want to clear.
  7. I then cup my hands over my face and inhale and see an image that represents the issue and as I do 3 x deep inhalations I envision it disintegrating and then it disappears.
  8. I then repeat the tapping sequence again.
  9. I also like to create a new image of how my ideal outcome would feel (not how it looks, but how it will feel in my body) and then I replace that image with the previous one. Its about creating new mental pathways and experiences that enables you to completely transform you path and live your destiny.

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