Patchouli- Creativity and Sensuality

P1070601Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) essential oil has a bit of a bad reputation due to its connection to the hippy movement and its over use in synthetic incenses. I never liked the smell of patchouli and I was wary of the oil, but I was pleasantly surprised when I smelt Young Livings  patchouli and it really pointed out to me the difference between a therapeutic grade essential oil and everything else!

Patchouli is an oil that helps to awaken sensuality and creative expression. The two go hand in hand as creativity can be manifested in a very physical human way through creating life, but it can also be creation or ‘conceiving’ of new thoughts, ideas and actions.
It is a rich full fragrance that is uplifting with a hint of spice and blends well with frankincense, lemon and lavender.

How I apply Patchouli to reconnect to my creativity and sensuality:

  • Put a few drops in my palm and then anoint:
    • my third eye, (middle of forehead)
    • the back of my neck,
    • my base chakra (or lower abdomen) and
    • my sacrum.
  • Then I take a deep inhalation filling my lungs, and on my out breath I see/feel energy running down my spine to my base chakra.
  • I envision that there is a lotus flower in my base chakra. On my next inhale I see/feel the lotus opening and it closes as I exhale.
    (This is what I like to envision as the seat of my creativity and these breaths are about flexing my creative muscles, getting it used to opening and closing.)
  • I then take a deep breath in and imagine the energy running back up my spine to my third eye, I then exhale take the energy down my spine
  • I repeat the breath with the lotus flower.
    (See the video for further information)

I repeat this sequence at least 3 times. (Its most effective if repeated for 5 minutes per day)
The Patchouli really aids in raising my vibrational frequency and shifting my energy much faster out of my head and opening my creativity and self awareness as a sensual living being.

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