Orange oil – Relax, Unwind and Uplift

Orange (Citrus sinensis) essential oil is powerful emotionally to balance out the over-planning and or overthinking mind. Instead it eases tension and frustration, uplifts and transforms the energy you are surrounding yourself with, which allows you to create mental space and relax your hold on “everything” long enough to allow others to step up and take over tasks.Orange Essential Oil

Its soft and uplifting fragrance enables you to unwind, and encourages adaptability, freeing the  mind from its constant need for control.

How I use Orange oil to unwind and uplift:

  • 6-10 drops diffuser running through the day
  • 1 drop at  back of neck and behind ears (I sometimes need to reapply through the day)
  • 1 drop on a cotton ball at my desk

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*** Warning any citrus essential oil, like orange, is a sun sensitive oil and should be applied to the skin in areas that are kept away from exposure to sunlight for 24-48 hours, like in the hair line or under clothing. Sunlight can cause UV damage to the skin where the oils was applied. ***

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