I can’t open my Myrrh Bottle

MyrrhMyrrh Essential oil seems to have a mind of its own. It travels up out of the bottle and then seems to stick the lid closed.
I have to be careful when opening it because even once I crack open the seal the oil has created, I’ve then found the orifice reducer (which slows down the oil) sticks to the lid and I’ve mistakenly poured a lot of Myrrh out before.

The reason it gets so sticky is a few factors

1. Its distilled from the resin (sap) of the tree which means from the start Myrrh is already a thicker oil.

2. Its high in constituents called sesqueterpenes and sesqueterpenes are lacking oxygen molecules so they bind to atmospheric oxygen and carry it into your cells. Which is great for us when we rub it on our skin, but it means that when an oil high in this constituent is exposed to the air it thickens the oil up till eventually its very had to even get the oil out without removing the dropper. Its still fine to use in its thick from, its just not as easy to get out of the bottle.

How I open my Myrrh once its sealed itself shut

  • Use a jar opener to get leverage to crack the seal
  • Gently heat the bottle (I run the lid under warm water to soften up the resin) so then I can re open it.
  • Sit the oil bottle in my dehydrator at very low temperature till it softens the oil around the lid.

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