Release Essential oil

ReleaseYoung Living’s Release Essential oil Blend is very powerful at helping you to shift your vibrational frequency and “release” any emotions or blockages you have been carrying with you.
All essential oils magnify your intention, but I’ve found when using Release its important to be careful what you wish for. It really helps your body to transform and clear out so an open ended intention can shift you into a space of emotional turmoil.
I’ve found it the most effective when it is a very clear and focused intention.

I tend to get into a rhythm of applying it daily and I stop using Release when:
a) I feel the issue has cleared/released,
b) my bottle runs out. (I like to wait a week and see how I feel about the issue before I move on to the 2nd bottle), or
c) I start to “forget” to apply it for a few days. I see this as the signal that I don’t need it right now.

How I apply Release Essential oil:

  • 1-3 drops in my palm and then rub on the liver (This is the one I use the most). I like to hold my hand over my liver and then breathe and feel/visualise the oil as it works its way into my cells. (The liver is one of the organs that is known as a place where we store emotions and anger so its very effective rubbed over the area)
  • 5-8 drops in the diffuser
  • 5 drops in a handful of epsom salts and then add to a warm bath
  • 1 drop on a cotton ball or a tissue and place in my pillow or at my desk so I’m getting the fragrance throughout the day.
  • 1 drop  on my pulse points as a perfume.
  • 3-5 drops applied up the spine during Raindrop Technique

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I am an independent Distributor with Young Living Essential Oils because I believe they are the best product I have found on the market today and they have proven their effectiveness and consistent quality to me over the past 11 years. I share them with you to enable you to achieve the freedom and wellness that these oils have offered me and my family.


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