Baking with Citrus Essential oils

Grapefruit, lemon, tangerine and orange
I love to use essential oils in my kitchen. Some of my favourites are Orange and Lemon Essential oils. I uses these a lot because I love the flavour of the citrus oils in my cooking but hate the bitterness that comes when you use the rind. So I use the essential oils instead (which are pressed from the rind. Officially they are classed as “expressed oils” rather than essential oils as they are not steam distilled. )

So the big thing to remember about baking with essential oils are

  1. You are forgoing the therapeutic value of the essential oil. When an essential oil is heated over 71C or (160F) the structure of essential oil is broken down and it looses its therapeutic value. You still get flavour of the oil, but not any of its other benefits.
  2. When using Citrus oils (Citrus oils are: Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Tangerine). in cooking they have a low flash point, this means they burn off at lower temperatures.
  3. Use a lot of drops of Citrus essential oils.  If I’m baking a cake I will use about 25 drops of a citrus essential oil compared to about 4-5 drops of peppermint.

Essential oils are very yummy in icing on a cake or adding to whipped cream. If I’m icing a cake and want to add citrus essential oil then I use 1-2 drops, taste it to see if its strong enough then add 1 drop at a time and taste each time till I get to my desired flavour. Because I’m  not heating icing, the oil flavour remains very strong and potent.

If I’m doing raw cooking then I only use 2-4 drops of Citrus essential oil because I’m not heating it above 71c (160F). Again I taste test to see if its strong enough before I more essential oil.
Its a subjective experience, so I recommend playing with it and seeing what oils you like the best and how much of them you like to use.

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