Young Living’s Two Lavenders

Two LavendersYoung Living has two Lavenders. They are both Lavandula angustifolia, but one is grown on the farm in Mona Utah and the other is grown in St. Maries Idaho. They are grown from the same seed stock, yet when you smell them they smell different. (Its normal for different batches of oils to smell different, this is one of the reasons they are so powerful at killing of microbes and bacteria, because each harvest yields different numbers of compounds than the last. (Young Living’s farm in France doesn’t produce much lavender at the moment so it primarily comes from the Mona farm)

But these two Lavenders are a great example of how even when it comes from the same seed stock how the soil, amount of water, altitude, energy (feel) of the place and even the ley lines are some of the things that impact the essential oil. I’ve been to both farms and as much as I enjoy going to the Mona farm, St Maries’ farm has whole different feel to it, and after having been there there is something extra special about it and thinking about it connects me to my heart energy. I feel like this heart energy has translated into the St Maries essential oil and it gives it that bit “extra”.

From a basic perspective the two Lavenders will do exactly the same things.
Lavender being great for wound healing, skin repair, disinfecting, calming and soothing skin as well as emotions, antispasmodic, relaxing and aiding in sleep.
But I find the Lavender from St Maries to have a softer feel to it energetically and fragrantly. When applied to the skin it is even more gentle than the Mona Lavender. (So I think it would be a great oil if you have very, very sensitive skin.)
So have a play with both of them and see which one works best for you!

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