RutaVaLa for sleep

RutaVaLa Roll onRutaVaLa is a Young Living blend of Ruta graveolens (Rue), Valerian, and Lavender, and I’m pleased to announce that is seems to the one oil that is calming my 1 year old son down at night. (I’ve been through most of the calming blends and I use the roll-on bottle and rub it into the back of his neck. The roll-on is diluted with coconut essential oil and I only use a small amount, but it does seem to help to wind him down at night.
Rue is not an oil that you can buy on its own. Traditionally women would take branches and wave it over crying babies to calm them down. It is very powerful for calming the nervous system. And Valerian and Lavender are also well known for their ability to calm and sooth and aid in sleep. So together I’ve found this to be a powerful combination.

The addition of the Valerian to the blend tends to make it to fall into the “stinky” category. Each person is different. I don’t mind the smell so much, but I have friends who really hate the smell. So if you hate the smell then put the oil on your feet cover them with some socks and wash your hands before you go to bed, that way you are getting impact from the oils without it bothering your nose.

RutaVaLa 5ml

It comes in a 5ml bottle or a 10ml Roll-on.

How I use the RutaVaLa for sleep:

  • 5-8 drops in the diffuser
  • Put a drop in my hand (or use the roller) and dab it under my nose, on my temples and back of neck.
  • Drop in my hands, cup hands over face and take deep inhalations
  • Rub a few drops on the soles of my feet
  • Put a drop under my tongue
  • Put a drop on a tissue and tuck it inside my pillow at night.

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