Essential Oils to Relieve Calf Cramps

Aroma Siez

If you have ever had a calf cramp in the middle of the night then you will know that it hurts like crazy and then when it does go away, it often leaves you with the ache in the muscle the next day.
As soon as I get a cramp I reach from my bottle of Aroma Siez (its great to keep it next to the bed). With in a minute I find that it relieves the cramp. If it doesn’t relieve it straight away I apply a few more drops. I find that it also relieves the post cramp pain the next day.

How do I use Aroma Siez:

  • Drop a few drops in my hand and the rub it straight on the calf (or any muscles that are sore).
  • If need to massage a larger area then I add 15-20 drops to 60mls (2oz) of massage oil.

Aroma Siez is almost a raindrop in a bottle. It contains: Basil, Marjoram, Cypress, Peppermint and Lavender essential oils. Its great for any sort of tight, cramped or seized muscles. I just reapply the oil when the pain or muscles stiffness comes back. This can be any where from every 20 mins to once per day. When the pain or tension is gone I stop using the oil.

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