Essential oils for sunburn


Sunburn can be very unpleasant and the most effective essential oil I’ve found to relieve the itchy sting of sunburn is Lavender Lavendula Angustifolia. This is closely followed by Young Living’s LavaDerm Cooling Mist – which is a spray that contains Aloe Vera, Lavender essential oil, Spikenard essential oil and trace minerals. I like to keep the cooling mist in the refrigerator so when I need it for burns it offers another layer of relief through its cooler temperature.


How I use the Lavender and LavaDerm Cooling Mist

  • Apply 1-5 drops of Lavender right on the burn.
    When dealing with sunburn I’ve found that one application isn’t enough. I have to keep reapplying Lavender to the area of the burn when the stinging comes back. Depending on the severity of the burn really depends on how frequently and the quantity of drops I use.
  • I like to follow my application of Lavender essential oil with a few sprays of the LavaDerm Cooling Mist.
  • If I’m dealing with large areas of the body then I tend to just use the LavaDerm Cooling Mist.

I don’t like to use essential oil mixed with carrier oil over the burns for the first 24 hours as I find that feels like it is trapping the heat in (I don’t know if it scientifically is trapping the heat in, it is just what it feels like) so I just use straight essential oil over the area for the first 24 hours. Then after that I will sometimes follow my essential oil application with carrier oil like almond, olive, coconut, Young Living’s V6 etc… this helps to keep the moisture in the skin.

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Note: I find that if I spray the LavaDerm Cooling Mist on my face it can sting my sensitive skin, so I tend to use it on my body rather than on my face. 

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