Essential oils for Toothache

Panaway and thieves

If you have ever had an abscess in your tooth you will know what I say about a crazy amount of radiating pain.
I couldn’t even work out what tooth it was that was infected. I had been using Clove essential oil but it wasn’t clearing it for me. I finally went to the dentist and he said I had an abscess and that I needed to take antibiotics and come back and see him in two weeks. I refused the antibiotics and said I would see him in two weeks. I went home and promptly looked up my Essential Oils Desk Reference for toothache. The two oils for the list that I started using were Panaway (to help topically numb the area and reduce the pain) and Thieves (to help eliminate the infection and assist in numbing the area.)

How did I use the oils:

  • I put a drop of the Panaway in my palm then dipped my finger into it and rubbed it on the inside of the gum of the infected tooth, I then re-dipped my finger into the Panaway in my palm and rubbed it on the outside of the gum of the infected tooth. (See video for clarification)
  • I repeated the same action with Thieves
  • I applied the oils at 5pm and then again at 10 pm that night.
    I woke up with no radiating pain, (it only hurt when I bit down.)
    So, I stopped using the Panaway and just continued with the Thieves.
  • I applied Thieves about 4-5 times that day. (Basically when ever I thought of it)

By the next day, (36 hours after I went to the dentist) the pain & infection was completely gone. I was very impressed at how quickly and effectively the oils worked.

If this video doesn’t play click here


  • Panaway actually tastes better than you think it would judging by the smell.
  • If you get a bit of Thieves on your lip it can get a little uncomfortably hot (Thieves contains Cinnamon Bark essential oil and it can irritate the skin.) If this happens, I just rub the area with a carrier/fatty oil like almond, olive, coconut oil etc… and that takes the heat out of it right away.

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