Blue Cypress soothing and rehydrating for skin

Blue Cypress Tree

Blue Cypress Tree

Blue Cypress oil

Yes the oil really is that rich dark blue colour!!!

Blue Cypress, Callitris intratropica, is an essential oil that comes from Darwin, Australia.
I’ve been up to the plantation and watched them distill the essential oil, its a really fascinating oil to see distilled as its a real rich blue colour! The reason its blue is because of the guaiazulenes found in the essential oil, (this is also the chemical component that makes Blue Tansy and German Chamomile blue).

Blue Cypress is excellent for wound healing and skin regeneration. Its a very soothing, moisturising and relaxing essential oil. Its also good for bedsores, canker sores (cold sores), helping to remove moles, and rehydrating dry skin.

How I like to use Blue Cypress.

  • Applying a drop of oil over a cut or wound to promote healing.
  • To remove moles apply a drop of oil on the mole 2 x daily for 4-6 weeks.
  • Dilute a 50/50 and apply over bed sores
  • A drop undiluted on a cold sore (canker sore)
  • Add a few drops to my moisturiser to improve the softness of my skin.
  • Soothing in the bath, add a few drops to some epsom salts or bubble bath.

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Blue CypressA bit of history about Blue Cypress:
The trees were planted in 1968 and were originally planted for timber before cyclone Tracy. Because of the cyclone the Government stopped building with timber and the plantation was left.  The government still owns the land and Young Living gets a government permit to chop a certain number of tress every year.

In 1994 Vince was employed to clear some of the Blue Cypress trees from fire hazard, and he found that he was healing quickly and with little infection from any of his scrapes and cuts. This began a journey of him studying and researching into the Blue Cypress essential oil and eventually bringing it to the market. It was actually the official fragrance of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games!

Its a very mild, safe essential oil, the lethal dose for Blue Cypress is greater than 2 liters (68 oz) per adult. (Lethal dose is determined when 50% of the rats who are given the oil to ingest die). They fed the rats 2000ml of Blue Cypress oil in some peanut better and the only reaction was that their fur seemed a little “flat.”

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