E.O Safety – Wintergreen and Child Proof Lids

Why does Wintergreen Essential oil, (Gaultheria procumbens) and or any oil that contains Wintergreen have a child proof lid?
This is because it has a low lethal dose level (thats the dose for ingestion resulting in death). There have been cases (although none in recent years) of children drinking large quantities of Wintergreen and it resulted in death.  So its very important to keep your Wintergreen essential oil away from children. I wouldn’t use it on children under the age of 3 unless it is in a blend with small quantities of it. eg:  I use diluted, young Living’s Panaway blend, which contains Wintergreen at a 20/80 dilution level on my son’s gums to relieve teething pain.

On an overall safety note: If children are using any essential oils it should be under controlled supervision. Its important to store essential oils away from the reach of children and make sure the lids are always tight.

Wintergreen is often synthetically reproduced, its main component is Methyl salicylate 98%, and is an active ingredient in blood thinning medication. See my post on Wintergreen and blood thinning medication for more information.
One article I was reading reported that it was also used in deep heat/athletic type rubs and referred to it being used in large amounts and resulted in athlete dying. There is no science references to this being even the cause of the death, or if the sports rub even contained true Wintergreen essential oil, or it could have been a synthetic version which works very differently on the body. And after all of this, the article could have been a load of baloney and the death may not have even occurred.

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