Clearing with Palo Santo

Palo SantoPalo Santo, known as the Ecuadorian Frankincense has many uses aside form its ability to help you to magnify prayer and meditation. 
Today I’m talking about its cleansing and purifying qualities

I primarily use it to cleanse and clear my treatment room and myself before and after sessions with clients.
Some people burn pieces of the wood like a sage stick, but I find it not always practical and so I love to use the oil for this instead.

  • I take 1 x 8oz glass bottle (it must be glass as oils eat through plastic)
  • add 20-40 drops of Palo Santo oil
  • add 20-40 drops of rubbing alcohol or vodka (this is to stop the oil from clogging up the nozzle of the spray bottle).
  • then I top the bottle with filtered water.
  • I make sure I shake before every use and then I have my cleansing spray all ready to go.

Glass spray bottles can be purchased from websites like

If you don’t have a glass spray bottle on hand you can:

  • Drop a drop in your hand and rub your hands together
  • Cup your hands over your face and take some deep inhalations.
  • To cleanse yourself: Brush your hands through your energy field.
  • To cleanse a room: Wave your hands, through your space to get the oil infused into the room.
  • You can also add a few drops to a diffuser as well.
See the essential oil lines in Palo Santo wood

See the essential oil lines in Palo Santo wood

I like to also combine spraying the oil with a cleansing mantra like “I cleanse and clear this space. I release any energy that is no longer needed.”

The interesting fact about Palo Santo is that in order for you to get essential oil out of the wood the tree must live and die its natural life cycle, it generally to lives for 50-70 years. So if it gets blown over in a storm prematurely then that tree doesn’t produce oil. (Amazing huh!).
It must then sit on the ground for 3-5 years to give the sugars in the tree time to change into oil.
Young Living then employes locals to comb the forests and collect the wood. They then bring it to the distillery, where it is chipped then turned to sawdust and then they distill the sawdust to get the essential oil.

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