Clear, Ground and Anchor in Heart Space.

As much as I love Rose oil, its very expensive and I tend to keep it more for special occasions. Instead when I want to move into my heart I often use Galbanum (Ferula gummosa) essential oil.

I find that it clears, grounds and then anchors you in your heart. It is a very earthy scent and has a different vibration to Rose oil. I’m really drawn to this oil and I love the rich aroma. Some days I just can’t get enough of Galbanum and I find I gravitate towards the Young Living blends that contain this oil like Gathering and The Gift. I find it almost overposering scent in the bottle but it changes quite a lot once I apply it to my body 

How I like to use Galbanum:

  • Drop a drop in my hand, rub hands together 3 x and then cup hands over face and inhale 3 x
  • Rub a drop over my heart
  • Rub a drop on the back of my neck
  • Brush through my aura to seal and fortify my energy
  • Rub the remaining oil in my hands through my hair so I get wafts of the oil as the day

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