Rose Oil – The Ultimate Heart Connector

Rose OilThe most effective essential oil to connect to the heart is Rose oil (Rosa damascena). Rose is the highest vibrational frequency essential oil. It has been recorded at 320 hertz and it really elevates energy and mood when smelling it. Its the frequency of love and when you inhale and wear it, transports you into a space of true self love.

When I’m really struggling with my brain over taking things and I feel very separated from my heart, Rose oil works for me every time, quickly anchoring me into my true heart space. (I really like to use it before I’m doing sessions with clients on the days that I feel disconnected and want to open my self to my intuition and higher self.)

  • I use 1 drop of Rose oil,  (it goes a really long way), inhaled and then rubbed on my heart.
  • Mix a drop in massage oil, for a full body massage
  • Anoint your partner and have then anoint you with a drop of Rose oil to move you into a loving space

Its a very viscous (thick) oil, so in the winter (or cold weather) it thickens up and will be very hard to get out of the bottle. I like to rub it between my hands a bit before to warm it up so you can get the oil out of it. Thanks to a friend of mine (the beautiful Connie), she showed me how to wear it down my bra to keep it warm and that comes with the added bonus of having the high vibration of the Rose oil next to your heart chakra!

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