E.O Safety Peppermint and children under age of 3

Peppermint 1
Avoid using Peppermint essential oil on children under the age of 3.
This is a very important piece of safety information as around 1 in 10,000 children can have a negative reaction to Peppermint and it can cause asphyxiation in the lungs. Literally they are unable to catch their breath and it can result in death.

If you notice a change in your child’s breathing and they have been exposed to Peppermint it is VERY important and you get them away from the Peppermint essential oil and seek medical assistance.
If it was my child,  I would use some diluted Myrtle on their lungs to help open up the airways and enable them to “catch” their breath again while on the way to the hospital.
After the age of the the cautions have been removed (still important to use any essential oil responsibly and dilute 50/50 till the child is the age of 10). Although if your child is one of those sensitive to Peppermint causing asphyxiation, then I understand that it is better for them to avoid it in the future despite their age.

With my son, from an early age, I exposed him to Peppermint in the air around him, and monitored his breathing to make sure that he was ok with me using peppermint on myself, (not on him), because I didn’t want to rub some peppermint on me, pick him up and then find out that he is one of the rare cases of children reacting with asphyxiation.

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