E.O Safety – Blood Thinners


Another important safety piece of information is to do with people on blood thinners and the use of Wintergreen essential oil (Gaultheria procumbens). Wintergreen is very high in a constituent called methyl salicylate, which is known to thin the blood. Because of this it is synthetically reproduced and comes in the common form of asprin, warfrin (Coumadin) etc…

If you are taking blood thinners then it is advised that you avoid using Wintergreen essential oil as it runs the risk of thinning the blood even further as it increases the action of the drug, can cause internal bruising as blood can leak into tissues.

On a personal note: So far I’ve not found any research papers to support this, so of you know of any, I would love to read them. I do know of people on blood thinners who choose to use Wintergreen and they seems to have no major side effects. But really its better to err on the side of caution and have your doctor monitor your medication and body and work with you if you choose to do this.
There are other oils that can be used in place of Wintergreen which I use primarily for bones and lungs so I would use Pine or Balsam Fir for bones and any of the Eucalyptus or Dorado Azule for lungs.

So what about Wintergreen in blends?
If I was on blood thinners then I would use them, but with caution only 1-2 drops.

When an essential oil is in a blend, firstly there is smaller quantity of the oil and secondly when essential oils are blended together they have a different chemical make up because of synergistic effect of the combined constituents from all the different oils. You also have a “quenching” effect that occurs. This is when one oil balances out the possible impact of any constituents that could be harmful in their individual forms. (This is a problem of synthetically reproduced constituents they are missing the other ones found in a therapeutic grade essential oil that balance out its impact on the body.)

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