Essential Oil Safety – Rule 1

V6 Peppermint & wintergreen
Essential Oils, I have found to be a very safe tool, provided I respect them and follow a few simple rules. I avoid putting oil in my eyes, ears genitals, or mucus membrane (eg: inside of nose). But accidents can happen so here are some safety tips.
Essential Oils are very potent, 1 drop goes a long way (eg: 1 drop of peppermint is = to 28 cups of peppermint tea) so make sure you respect them and their power and don’t go over board.

Rule 1. Essential Oil + Water = BAD!!!!
If you ever get an essential oil in a sensitive place like your face, any mucus membrane, your eyes, or in worst case, your genitals you will notice that it can become very painful and can sting, become irritated, itchy and even burn the area. If this starts to happen it’s important to dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil as soon as possible.
Essential Oil + Fatty Oil = RELIEF !!! (GOOD)
Water drives the essential oil into the body and makes it much more painful.

So if you EVER have a NEGATIVE physical reaction to an essential oil eg: it starts to sting, get itchy or even feels like its burning, then you need to DILUE (smother the area that is uncomfortable) with a FATTY OIL like olive, coconut, almond, jojoba, I like to use Young Living’s V6 (its a blend of 6 different carrier (fatty) oils). This will dilute the essential oil, slow its penetration and take the heat out of it.
I even pour it in my eye. It makes my vision go a little blurry, but it takes the sing out of it pretty much straight away and the vision is back to normal within 10- 20 mins.
It should calm down in 30-60 seconds. If not then I reapply the fatty carrier oil till the sting dissipates.

Essential oil molecules are very tiny and penetrate the skin very quickly. Fatty carrier oil molecules are large and they slowly penetrate the skin (think of how long it takes a fatty oil like almond oil to absorb into your skin). Essential oils are lipophilic, this means they are absorbed into fats. So when you put a fatty carrier oil on to your skin the tiny essential oil molecules absorb into the larger fatty carrier molecules and this slows the penetration down which results in reducing the sting or discomfort from the essential oil.

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