Affirmations – They work!!!

Abundance mx

Amplifying affirmations with essential oils… WOW!! It really does work!!!  I had to share with you how transformative this exercise has been. (This is a follow up to my previous post Amplifying Affirmations with Essential Oils)


So two weeks ago I did my post, coated myself in oils (because hey, I rarely get my videos done in one take!) and then within 2 days my business blossomed. All of the seeds I had been very busy planting started to germinate, and then referrals started happening and now I’m doing what I love, transforming peoples lives and being paid for it.
My self worth has gone up, and as a result my net worth has gone up.
I feel more certain in who I am and what I’m doing. I’m so grateful that people allow me to reflect their greatness to them and share their journey while they awaken their own purpose, and reconnect to who they really are.

I love that how no matter how much I use the oils (its been nearly 11 years), I still get to be blown away by how powerful they really are!!

So start rubbing oils onto your body, (They don’t work unless you actually use them), be mindful of what you are thinking as you use them and allow them to bring you back to who you really are, not who you “think” you “should” be.

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