Releasing Sexual Abuse with Essential Oils

SaraSARA Essential oil blend (stands for Sexual And Ritual Abuse.) Is a powerful tool for both women and men to help release and clear trauma of a sexual nature, but it doesn’t have to be just sexual abuse it can also be physical, emotional, mental (and that even includes self abuse). It can also be used on scars from accidents or surgery where the tissue has been “abused”.  It’s a blend of Geranium, Lavender, Rose, Blue Tansy, Orange, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, and White Lotus in an Almond oil base. 

It’s most effective when applied directly to the area of abuse and then inhaled.

  • Sexual – I would to anoint 1-2 drops around the lower abdomen, base chakra and the inner thighs or around any area was traumatised.
  • Emotional –  I would 1-2 drops over the heart or any other chakra I felt drawn to apply it to.
  • Mental –  I would anoint 1-2 drops on the temples & back of neck occiput
  • Physical – apply where the abuse occurred.
  • If it is a large area I would combine 4-5 drops  it with 30 ml (1oz) of carrier oil (like almond, olive Young living’s V6 blend), to make it go further.
  • Add 6-8 drops in the diffuser

Inhaling or diffusing SARA is really important because the limbic region of the brain (the emotional center) is only triggered through smell. (For more info read this post – Ugh… that stinks). So when I want to really clear the trauma then I make sure that I’m spending some time inhaling the oil as well as rubbing oils into the traumatised cells. While I inhale, I focus on seeing the benefits from the experience. (For a detailed explanation please read the post Discovering the Gift from experience in your life).

This oil partners well with The Gift, Harmony, Forgiveness, Release and Gratitude

When do I stop using the SARA?
I stop when I feel the trauma has released. This could be after 1, or 5 applications or after 2 bottles. Some times I just “forget” to use the oil. For me that is a sign that I need a break or I no longer need to use the oil.

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Caution: Sun sensitivity warning. This blend contains citrus essential oils, so apply it where the sun don’t shine. If you apply citrus oils to the skin and then expose them to sunlight, you make your skin sensitive to being damaged by UV rays for a  24-48 hour period. So apply it under your clothing line, in your hair, under your feet, etc… areas protected from the sun.

As a Clinical Aromatherapist, I only ever use the highest quality product with my clients and Young Living Essential oils consistently fits this criteria. I make them accessible to all my clients through my distributorship with the company. I use Young Living products daily on myself, my husband and child. I share this with you because Essential oils have made such a profound difference in my life and given me freedoms of health and wellness I could never have imagined.

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