Discovering “The Gift” from experiences in your life

The Gift

The Gift Essential oil blend is a fabulous tool for helping you to transform your perspective on an experience in your life so you can see “the gift” in that moment.

The world always is in perfect balance.  Have you noticed that when you are feeling really high, on top of the world, full of extreme joy, that something happens you come crashing down. Or when you are feel really down and you feel like the world is at its worst, then something happens and you get lifted up. Thats you experiencing the universal principal that everything is in perfect balance.
The brain processes experiences through misperception. In order to make sense of the world that we live in, it labels experiences as either good/positive or bad/negative and then it gets filed away and we live our lives carrying that perception around with us.
The the truth is that that experience was booth good/positive and at the exact moment it was also bad/negative. Its just that we can’t see it without putting effort into shifting our perspective.
Once you shift your perspective on the experience and see its opposite then you free yourself from it driving your life.
The search of “happiness” and positive, positive, positive is just opening you up to get slammed by the universe because it has to balance you out and bring you back to a neutral space.

This neutral space is where you can live your truth, and walk your destiny because you are not being controlled by your emotions.
The way I bring myself back to neutral is to make a list of all the benefits to a negative experience or a list of all the negatives to the positive experience.
I run through all 7 areas of my life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, vocation, social, and financial.

So I write a list of 100 either benefits or negatives.
If I was to write how that experience was a positive to me emotionally eg: I found inner strength.
If I was to write how it was a negative to me emotionally eg: I got really full of myself.
I then cycle through each of the 7 areas (they are there to help you  and keep going till I get my list to at least 100. (When I have to dig really deep for an answer, then I know that I’m really getting to the truth of it)

I anoint myself with The Gift Essential oil blend  when I do this exercise to help me to see the gift in the experience and open my vision up to seeing both sides.

Other ways how I like to use “The Gift”

  • Anoint a drop on my temples, 3rd eye and over my heart.
  • 1 drop in palm, rub my hands together and cup over face, take deep inhalations
  • I like to diffuse 8-10 drops. (especially when I’m balancing my perspective (above exercise))
  • I also love the fragrance so much that I like to wear it as a perfume so I apply a drop on my pulse points and behind my ears
  • Its great in a massage oil 5- 10 drops in 90 mls (3 oz) of massage oil.
  • Also rub a drop on the soles of my feet so I’m literally  “walking” in my gift

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