Ylang Ylang – Reunite Emotion and Sensual Nature

Ylang Ylang Flower

Ylang Ylang Flower

Another oil well known for it’s alluring scent is Ylang Ylang Essential Oil. (Cananga odorata)
The name Ylang Ylang comes from the Philippine alang-ilang referring to the flowers that “hang” or “flutter” in the breeze. It is known as the “flower of flowers”. Ylang Ylang

Its a very balancing essential oil and its fragrance is very powerful for spiritual attunement, balancing male and female energies, clearing emotional blocks, soothing anxiety, opens & balances the heart and centres the energies. Its enticing fragrance is potent and allows us to inwardly unify so we can outwardly merge who we really are into daily life. When working in the Divine Feminine it reunites your emotional and sensual natures.
Ylang Ylang aids with lack of sex drive by opening peoples blockages (even subconscious ones) and clearing lack of confidence or anxieties around sex.

It has a surprising number of benefits for the physical body.
Its very powerful for cardiac problems. It lowers hypertension, regulates heart beat, vaso-dilating, anti inflammatory, and calms the nervous system.
It has been studied in the UK for its effectiveness for controlling epilepsy, especially when smelt at the onset of a seizure.

How Catherine likes to use Ylang Ylang:

  • Anoint the pulse points
  • Put a drop behind the ears
  • Put 1 drop on the occiput
  • 4 drops Ylang Ylang and 3 drops Jasmine in Epsom salts and add to the bath
  • I find it the most powerful on the base chakra and heart (although I do use it on all chakra points)
  • 6-8 drops in the diffuser. Its also great to combine with Geranium, Rose or Jasmine
  • In a 7-10 drops in a 150 ml (4oz) massage oil base
  • 1 drop in hand and inhale (cupping hands over face)

Caution: If you have low blood pressure use this oil sparingly

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