Copaiba – The Anti-inflammatory King

Copaiba tree

Copabia in the Forests

Drilling for oil

Drilling for oil

Copaiba Essential Oil 
Copaifera reticulata/langsdorfii Is a powerful anti-inflammatory essential oil and in my mind essential for any home health kit.

What makes Copaiba unique is the fact that the essential oil is extracted through drilling a hole into the tree and putting a tap in the hole and the oil come out. (very similar to how they get maple syrup). The locals can tell when the tree is ready for oil extraction by knocking on the trunk and listening for the oil levels. Once they have extracted the essential oil they reseal the tree and generally they tap them every 3-4 years to allow the tree to replenish its oil supply.

In traditional medicine Copaiba was used for any inflammatory disorders, both internal, eg: stomach ulcers, urinary tract disorders and cancer and external, eg: insect bites and skin disorders. It was added to a spoonful of honey as a natural sore throat remedy, rubbed on the chest for lungs, used as an antiseptic gargle.

I find this a to be very gentle essential oil. It has a very mild fragrance and I’ve found it to be very effective for people sensitive to fragrances.


How I like to use Copaiba:

  • I rub a few drops on any area of pain. (I like to follow with a drop of peppermint to help drive it in further)
  • Another pain relief options is to combine 2 drops of Copaiba to 1 drop of oregano and rub over area (I follow with massage oil if the skin gets uncomfortably warm)
  • I rub a drop on my gums (this is great if I have any mouth inflammation, or want to get the oil into my blood stream quickly)
  • 1 drop under my tongue
  • Rub on my belly to alleviate digestive issues
  • 1-2 drops on any wounds to speed healing
  • 4 drops Copaiba and 4 drops orange in diffuser at night to wind down
  • Add a few drops to my home made insect repellant
  • Add 15 drops to  90ml (3oz) massage oil  for an overall relaxing rub.

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