Funky (Stinky) Feet Essential Oil Spray

Stinky feet, or as I like to call it, “funky feet”, is not fun for anyone and it can leave shoes with a strong enough odour that it seems they’ll get up and walk on their own.

My husband has the funky feet in our household. Now cleaning up his diet would inevitably clear up the fungus causing the smell, but this is not likely to happen, so I turned to my trusty essential oils and did an experiment. I applied 1-3 drops of Thyme essential oil (Thymus vulgaris) straight on his feet every night, making sure I rubbed the oil in between the toes as well. After 1 week the smell from his feet, and surprisingly his shoes, disappeared. I continued to apply the oil for another week and then stopped. His feet were odour free for about 4-5 weeks before I had to apply more essential oil. I worked out after a while that a more cost effective application was to mix it up in a spray bottle with water. I’ve found this to be just effective, easier and cheeper to apply, and I don’t have to get my hands or face near those funky feet!

Catherine’s Funky Feet Spray recipe:

  • 1 x  4 oz (125 ml) spray bottle.
  • 30-40 drops of Young Living’s Thyme essential oil
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with water.

Application: Shake the bottle and then spray down the feet and the inside and outside of shoes.
I’ve found that I generally only have to do this every month in the winter and in the summer months I have to apply the spray every 1-2 weeks.
If it doesn’t clear with one application I just keep doing it for a few days till the odour goes away.

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Caution: Thyme essential oil can be very warming to the skin so avoid contact with any sensitive areas like eyes, face, genitals or any mucus membranes. If you every get Thyme oil on a sensitive area, or it starts sting or get uncomfortably warm on any other parts of your skin, (ie: in the webbing between toes or fingers), I dilute the area with a carrier (fatty oil) like almond, olive, Young Living’s v6 ( is my preferred carrier), or coconut oil etc…  The fatty carrier oil takes the sting out of the  area and and slow the penetration of the essential oil into the body. I find within 30 seconds to 1 minute it generally stops stinging. If it is still stinging after that time, I  flush it with a fatty carrier oil a second time. I avoid water as it will drive it in and make it sting more.

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