Essential Oils for Hay Fever and Allergies


I’ve found Essential oils can be really effective for alleviating Allergic Rhinitis, which is hay fever and allergies like reactions to cats or dogs, dust etc… 

There are a few essential oils that my books recommend, but the one that I have found to be the most effective is Young Living’s Lavender oil.

How I like to apply:

  1. Drop a drop in my hand and
  2. Dab a bit under my nose, with my index finger,
  3. Then I rub some in a very large circle around my eyes (keeping the oil above my eyebrow and under my cheek bone to stop it from getting into my eye (see video) ) I find this really effective for when eyes are swollen and itchy.
  4. I then rub my hands together and cup them over my face a take a deep inhalation several times.
  5. Repeat as soon as the sneezing starts again. This could be in 20 mins to several hours.

Note: Using Lavender essential oil is not like taking a drug that will last for 6 hours, It needs to be reapplied when ever the symptoms flair up. I find it beneficial to get into the habit of carrying the bottle around with me so I have it on hand when needed.

I also run the diffuser with 8-12 drops of Lavender in it and find this helps to minimise the impact from the air I’m inhaling.

The other oil that I’ve found can be helpful for allergies is Peppermint.
I like to drop a drop on the back of my hand and then lick it off and then push my tongue to the roof of my mouth and breath through my nose.  I find it really help to open the nasal passages and dry up a running nose. The advantage of dropping it on the back of my hand is that I can control the amount of oil that goes in my mouth. Peppermint essential oil can be really overwhelming, so starting with a small taste makes it much more pleasant.

If this video doesn’t play click here

Some of the other essential oils the Essential Oils Desk Reference recommended for allergies are:

  • Single oils: Fennel, German Chamomile, Ocotea, Eucalyptus Blue, Roman Chamomile and Wintergreen. 
  • Young Living blends: Di-gize, Harmony Valor, Juva Cleanse, R.C and Raven. 

I haven’t used these other oils (above) very much for allergies so can’t comment on their effectiveness, so if anyone has, and they would like to share their findings, please note it in the comments section at the bottom of this post, I would really appreciate it.

Safety note: If I get an essential oil in my eye or any other sensitive area, I flush or saturate the area with a fatty carrier oil like coconut, almond, olive oil etc… (I choose to use Young Living’s V6 oil.) The fatty carrier oil takes the sting out of the  area and and slow the penetration of the essential oil into the body. I find within 30 seconds to 1 minute it generally stops stinging. If it is still stinging after that time, I  flush it with a fatty carrier oil a second time. I avoid water as it will drive it in and make it sting more.

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