Amplifying Affirmations with Essential Oils

Affirmation oils I love using Essential Oils to take my affirmations to that extra level. For me, affirmations are about shifting your energy all the way down to a cellular level and enabling you to transform your life. Essential oils have high vibration and are such a fantastic tool for magnifying intention that it make sense that they work well to enhance affirmations.

I often use the Young Living blends for my affirmations because they were formulated with a specific intention and frequency in mind, that, and they are really obvious, eg: joy is for elevating your spirit to feel joyful, gratitude is about invoking the feeling of gratitude. etc…
Using single oils for affirmations is great too, but it means that I have to do a bit more research into each oil individually to make sure I’m getting the most effective one.

The way I use the oils with my affirmations is that I like to have an oil for each power word and anoint myself as I’m saying that word.
My most common affirmation is my abundance one and it goes along the lines of this:
“I gather abundance and accept it with gratitude and joy.”
I apply:

  • Gathering oil blend on my heart
  • Abundance blend on my belly button,
  • Acceptance blend on my heart,
  • Gratitude blend on my solaplexus, and
  • Joy oil blend on my heart.

Once I’ve applied the oils to my skin I then rub my hands together 3 x clockwise and then I cup my hands over my nose and mouth and take deep inhalations and chant the affirmation in my mind several times while I’m filling my lungs to full capacity and envision the energy seeping through every cell in my body.

Now in the above example, these are just the places that I like to anoint myself. There is no “wrong” place to put them, so you may feel like you would apply them on different parts of your body, that’s fine too. Its about tailoring your affirmation and  essential oil combination to what best suits you.
I generally do this in the morning after my shower, but if I really want to shift something faster I’ll do it several times per day.

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Just remember that if you are using essential oils and blends with citrus oils in them that there is a Sun sensitivity warning.  This means if it has citrus oil in it, apply it where the sun don’t shine. If you apply citrus oils to the skin and then expose them to sunlight, you make your skin sensitive to being damaged by UV rays for a  24-48 hour period. So apply it under your clothing line, in your hair, under your feet, etc… areas protected from the sun.

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