Peace and Calming

Peace and Calming is a staple in my oil arsenal, and its one I carry with me when traveling. Peace & Calming 1
Its a blend that was formulated originally to help calm children with ADD/ADHD. Now in saying so essential oils work differently for different people. I was  just chatting with a friend with ADD and she mentioned that Peace and Calming has the opposite effect for her. She uses it in the morning to get her going, but at night it wakes her up! So she uses Tranquil Roll On instead and says its fab for calming her down, (especially at night when she can’t sleep). So its important to remember that you are an individual and you need to see what works for you. I’m sharing my experiences, but I encourage you to play and discover what works for you.

I has a yummy sweet and spicy scent.
Its a blend of Blue Tansy, patchouli, tangerine, orange, and ylang ylang

How I like to use Peace and Calming:

  • If I was having a panic attack I would drop a drop in my hand and hold over my face taking long controlled deep breathes in and out till the feeling subsided. (Thankfully I don’t have them anymore!)
  • If I’m having trouble sleeping I drop a drop on the back of my neck, soles of my feet, on my pillow or under my nose.
  • Wear it as a perfume on the pulse points to calm my nerves before a presentation.
  • I like to rub a drop on occiput (the dent at the base of your skull where your spinal column meets your skull)
  • If my infant son is having problems settling, I rub a diluted drop 20/80 dilution on the back of his neck and on his feet.  (See this post for dilution info) It doesn’t always work but it works enough to make it worth using.
  • For a soothing calming bath I like to add 5 drops to epsom salts and add to my bath.
  • Add 5-8 drops in the diffuser, especially after a long stressful day.
  • Put 5 drops on a cotton ball and put in air vents of car.
  • Add 20-30 drops to a 250ml  (8 oz) glass bottle and make a relaxing room spray

To give Peace & Calming extra punch combine with Lavender for insomnia and with German Chamomile for calming.

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Caution: Sun sensitivity warning. This blend contains citrus essential oils, so apply it where the sun don’t shine. If you apply citrus oils to the skin and then expose them to sunlight, you make your skin sensitive to being damaged by UV rays for a  24-48 hour period. So apply it under your clothing line, in your hair, under your feet, etc… areas protected from the sun.

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