White Angelica – Oil of Protection

When dealing with a  lot of different people every day it can be very draining on energy.
I like to use Young Living’s White Angelica Essential Oil blend to seal and support my aura andWhite Angelica keep my energy in, and other peoples energy out.
Its a blend of Ylang Ylang, Rose, Melissa, Sandalwood, Geranium, Spruce, Myrrh, Hyssop, Bergamot, and Rosewood in an Almond oil base.

This blend is great because the combination of oils means that you are covering a variety of areas. Some are grounding, balancing and stabilising. Some stimulate the pineal gland and limbic regions of the brain, (the center of emotion and memory). Others help to enhance your connection to the divine, enhance meditation, relieve stress and tension, and stimulate creativity.

Over all White Angelica helps to bring a feeling of security, and wholeness. It enhances your self connection, strengthens your aura and its frequency neutralises negative energy.

How I like to use White Angelica:

  • Drop 3 drops in my hand, rub them together 3 times clockwise and then take 3 x deep inhalations. I then brush my hands through my aura, cleansing and sealing it. Then I finish by rubbing my hands on my shoulder blades and as I’m doing that I like to imagine that I have angel wings for protection. (See my video.)
  • Mix 2-4 drops in a handful of epsom salts and add to my bath.
  • Add 10 drops to 60mls (2oz) of massage oil for a full body massage
  • I also like to add a few drops on a cotton ball or tissue and put it in my pillow case at night,
  • Or add a few drops to a cotton ball and put it into air vents in the car.

For the visual learner:

If this video doesn’t play please click here

I have really noticed a difference on the days I’ve used White Angelica and the days I haven’t. If I forget to use it I often feel drained at the end of a heavy day teaching or working one on one with clients. I’ve also noticed in my classes, when my students apply this oil at the start of the day, that they seem to absorb information more readily, as well as appearing more alert at the end of the day.
So for me its one of the oils I can happily use every day I work.

If I don’t have any White Angelica on hand then I can replace it with Frankincense, I’ve found it does a similar action.

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I am an independent Distributor with Young Living Essential Oils because I believe they are the best product I have found on the market today, and I desire to share them with others and enable them to achieve the freedom and wellness that these oils have offered me and my family.

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